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Month: March, 2012

Online dating for Rick James

Never trust an online dating profile.


Beware of getting mugged

Muggings can happen anywhere.


At least you can burn these with a match.

Fatten up the bill-y

Why work out when you can enjoy good food?

We’re excessive and fat and don’t care. Gorge now and be happy. Fatten our belly’s and disregard discipline.

The real story of “Rock” n’ “Roll”

The decision was set in stone.

When Mr. Rock first met Mr. Roll. Who knew that a rock and a wheel could get along so well?

Tebow to the Jets

Thou shalt go to New York

2012 Presidential Race

Hopefully no one will pull a muscle fiber... or a moral one.

I don’t know much about politics and I don’t watch C-SPAN, but whenever I think of the race to presidency I envision a bunch of old dudes in running shorts and head bands.

Cannibalism Cartoon

If you’re going to offer someone help, be clear about what you’re offering, and be willing to follow through. Charitable actions are often layered with miscommunications and riddled with cultural differences.

Maybe monetary donations are safer...

A Brief History of Political Harmony

The End.




You either think my book needs to change or it should remain the same.


Epilogue 2

A bird can’t fly unless its right and left wings work in unison. – Paul Schissler










Justice Cartoons

Even raccoons can be stereotyped with the rest of the masked robbers in the world. When will police learn?

Raccoon profiling. It's a real issue.