Countdown to the wedding: Day 1

by paulschissler

Countdown to the wedding. This is my last month of being a bachelor. I’m living alone in our new apartment. Each day I’ll try to post a recap of the day….

Day 1:
FULLY MOVED. Assembled bed. Can’t feel my back. My lower back particularly hurts very badly. Took forever to fall asleep because I’m alone in a new apartment– new sounds that are probably from ghosts of the tenants before me. Every shadow I’m certain is a demon. This new memory foam mattress swallows my lower back, not in a good way. Nyquil.

Day 2:
AM: It would feel strange waking up in a new apartment if this place didn’t feel so right. Feeling like a king in this empty place. I’m the only one here and it’s peaceful. I can go to the bathroom, leave the door open, walk to the kitchen and immediately go back to the bathroom (repeating this 4 times), without another person interrupting. Made coffee in the new coffee maker. Felt guilty about using the new coffee maker before fiance has moved in. Sat on a stool and drank my coffee. Just sat. Walked around apartment praying away evil demons for the safety of our home.

PM: Returned home after a show. Ate a frozen pizza from Duane Reade (the kind that tastes like greasy cardboard)((have to eat these before I’m not allowed to anymore)). Determined to build this damn TV stand. It has child-like directions and assembly requirements but still took me 2.5hrs to complete. No longer do I have a lower back. But I think I grew a chest hair. Fiance is going to be devastated at how manly her future husband is. If the heating pipes in this new place don’t stop whistling so loudly I’m going to peel every wood board from the floor and punch every square inch of the walls. Sleep.