Bumping Life's Funny Bone

Category: Cartoons


Bring out the bunnies.


High gas prices

Not all gas is fuel.

A thin King thinking

Narrow minded royalty.

Souls and Soles

At least shoes can replace their sole.

Online dating for Rick James

Never trust an online dating profile.

Beware of getting mugged

Muggings can happen anywhere.


At least you can burn these with a match.

Fatten up the bill-y

Why work out when you can enjoy good food?

We’re excessive and fat and don’t care. Gorge now and be happy. Fatten our belly’s and disregard discipline.

The real story of “Rock” n’ “Roll”

The decision was set in stone.

When Mr. Rock first met Mr. Roll. Who knew that a rock and a wheel could get along so well?

Tebow to the Jets

Thou shalt go to New York